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Customized Drone Technology

individual drone development for specific applications.

Benefit from our experience in drone development

Multicopters are a versatile tool for many kinds of application. We from Emqopter are specialized in developing individual and customized drones for your specific use case. Together with our flexible concept of sensor integration, we can offer an universal multirotor platform ready to be equipped with almost any technology you need for your field of use!

The inspector drone with intelligent drone technology in use:

The inspector drone with autonomous drone technology used for the examination for bridge damage.

Minimize the risks of collisions caused by external disturbances like wind using 360° environmental detection and increase your efficiency!

Crash proof flying with intelligent flight assistance systems when required the most!

Take advantage of the possibilities of flying thermal imaging cameras in detecting leaks in your thermal insulation!

Intelligent flying robots facilitate the risky job of experts in dangerous structures.

The inspection of tunnel shafts can be nearly completely automated using autonomous flying robot systems.

Automated position stabilization reduces the risks of undesired drifting significantly!

Especially in time critical processes as found in the intra logistics, flying robots help to optimize required tasks such as stocktaking.

In industrial applications intelligent flying robots fulfill tasks for inspection and maintenance.

In contrast to many other multirotor flight controls, the Emqopter flight control is open for any changes in usage and operation. This enables us to optimize the flight control for your individual copter to match our highest demands in flight stability and reliability. We are prepared for your ideas!

Examples for customized multirotors

Let us know about your ideas and we will help you realize them!

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