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Modules for collision avoidance using 3D sensors


hardware:Stereokamera with i7 CPU
measuring range:1 - 20 m
opening angle:60 ° horizontal x 45 ° vertical
framerate:10 - 20 Hz
distance resolution:5 - 10 cm
image resolution:640 x 480 px
weight:approx. 250 g
dimensions:16 cm x 2,5cm x 1 cm
plus CPU: 10 cm x 8 cm x 2,5 cm


hardware:3D Time of Flight camera Intel® RealSense™ with i7-CPU
measuring range:20 cm - 300 cm
opening angle:70 ° horizontal x 50 ° vertical
framerate:60 Hz
distance resolution:1 cm
image resolution:640 x 480 px
weight:approx. 300 g
dimensions:on request
CPU: 10 cm x 8 cm x 2,5 cm


hardware:3D Time of Flight Kamera PMD mit i7-CPU
measuring range:10 cm - 400 cm
opening angle:62 ° horizontal x 45 ° vertical
framerate:45 Hz
distance resolution:1 mm
image resolution:224 x 171 px
weight:approx. 250 g
dimensions:7 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm
CPU: 10 cm x 8 cm x 2,5 cm

3D sensors distinguish themselves by high data density which is most important for flying in complex environments like high rack warehouses and industrial facilities. This category includes sensor technologies such as stereo vision, PMD and RS. Due to the high data density even small and complex obstacles such as trees with tiny twigs can be detected reliably.


  • Detailed environmental modelling
  • Large datasets
  • Detects complex obstacles
  • Usage of image data possible
  • 3D Mapping and SLAM

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